[Gimp-developer] Enhancement request for .cur cursor files


currently we have a bug report to add export for .cur files:

To triage this I looked around in the plug-in registry
and former postings on the mailinglists. I found that
this request came up from time to time (often together
with the wish for animated cursor files (.ani)).
There was also a [solution] for .ani files at GIMPTalk,
which could probably be used or GEGL-ified with some adaptions.
In the past this request was [refused], because it was considered
too special.

On the other hand - looking at our [product vision],
we defined GIMP as 'a high-end application for producing icons,
graphical elements of web pages and art for user interface elements'-
If in vanilla GIMP is room for rather exotic formats like
KISS Cel, XJT, FITS or DICOM, why not for those that meet our vision?
The Linux build of GIMP 2.8 contains 'X11 mouse pointer (*.xmc)'
which is one step into the right direction, but useless for
Windows users.
Viewing it from this point of view I would say it could be part
of GIMP.

How do we proceed with this request?

Kind regards,




[product vision]:

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