Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

El vie, 17-01-2014 a las 01:05 -0500, Liam R E Quin escribió:

There used to be a "recently used" menu from Filters (actually there
still is, but it doesn't list filters implemented in GEGL in 2.9; I
expect this will get fixed and I should check there's a bug for it)
A useful enhancement would for Recently Used Filters to be remembered
between sessions.

Yes, I know and I use the "recently used" section of the filters menu a
lot (on the stable version), it's very convenient.

I meant improvements on that area, like the one you mentioned
(remembering recent filters between sessions) or maybe a section for the
filters that are used more frequently, not just the immediate recent

I don't think that precludes a search function for other things.
Some things I always have trouble finding include
. text to path

This is a good example because it's something I never use so I didn't
know where to find it.
But using the same logic I'd use with any other coomand I found it in
the first try: right click on text (both on the text on canvas and on
the thumbnail icon in the layers dialog).

. save channel to file

I agree on this one. But it seems more a workflow problem than
discoverability. Channels manipulation is in my opinion one of GIMP's
weakest points.

. crop to selection (hint: it's not under Edit or Layers)

Crop affects the entire image, so the command seems well placed where it

Can you find "delete undo history"? (hint: it's not under Edit)

Never had problems with this one, I have the undo history window docked
and there's a pretty obvious icon for that.
And the undo history window can be invoked from the edit menu, so your
hint isn't exactly correct :-)

The bindings aren't logical to everyone and never will be, as there are
too many of them.

Sure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all of them are obvious
for every user out there. But I think that in general terms, the
placement of commands follows some logic. 


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