[Gimp-developer] Image Mapping Selection Column Green Arrows

Image Mapping Selection Column Green Arrows

Hello Gimp Developers,

Big fan of your product!
I use it frequently here at Critical Mix, especially the Image Map feature.
I've come across a problem, which could be mine, but might be a hole in the software.
As I create coordinate sets in Image Map they are listed in the Selection column to the right.
In the Selection column, I can click on my coordinate sets and edit their name, size and even delete them.
I cannot, however, move them up and down in this list.
Perhaps I can't figure it out, but it seems that the two green arrows (image attached) should be doing this, 
but were never coded into the software.
It'd be a great feature to add to the Image Map tool (if not a drap and drop; wishful thinking) for editing 
the order of the sets in this column.
Thanks for looking into my issue and all the great work that's gone into developing Gimp thus far.

Thanks, --Tyler

Tyler Benoit
Project Manager

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