Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

Tobias Oelgarte (tobias oelgarte googlemail com) wrote:
I can't really follow your arguments. You want something to be
either the one thing or the other. But does a user really want the
one thing or the other?

Well, as far as I interpreted peter it could be a third thing also.

However, what is lacking is a design goal: What is it you're trying to
achieve? Stating negative goals ("it is not a help system" or "it is not
a command line language") can help, but ultimately you need to describe
what you want to achieve. And for the first step you probably should
avoid incorporating your proposed solution ("typing") into the goal
("finding actions"):

That is it's purpose:

1. Finding an functionality by typing in a related term
2. Looking up or changing the shortcut for a functionality
3. Finding and executing an functionality that is used quite seldom.
While the name might be known, the location often is not (hovering
over menus takes way longer as typing).

What has the higher priority? Finding actions? Speeding up frequently
used operations? Speeding up rarely used functions? Exploring

If you look at the product vision for gimp you'll see that we use it as
a tool to set priorities: We focus on complex image manipulation tasks
and we don't focus on Gimp being used as a JPEG viewer.

The same focussing is necessary for individual features to make sure
that there is a clear target for the UI architecture. And I think this
is the background for peters questions: He wants to understand the
targets for development: If it is about exploring functions then this
*might* collide with the goals for accellerating work. And unless we
clarify our priorities here, we'll be stuck with a swiss army knife,
which comes in handy at times, but is not really a good tool for any of
the functions it offers.

              simon budig de    

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