Re: [Gimp-developer] how far from 2.10?

On 2 January 2014 15:04, Joao S. O. Bueno
On the other hand, it is not currently easy to use GEGL bindings to
the Python linguage -
due to tha fact that all binding is delegated to be auto-generated by
gobject introspection, which in, its turn, is only maintained for
glib3, gtk+3 - (while GEGL is tied to glib2).

I could get it working, more or less here - some calls simply crash -
and started a small project to wrap the g.i. automatically generated
objects ito things friendler to the Python developer (check, but that depends that one
sets-up g.i. and pygobject, correctly previously. And these projects
branchs to support glib2 are apparently unmaintained, and had already
bit-rot a bit. (If someone can get pygobject working cleanly with
GEGL, please do tell me and say which versions you have used)
First of all, there is no glib3. The relevant incompatibilities here
are (as I understand).
1) One cannot combine pygobject-2.0 with pygobject-3.0 (crashes horribly).
2) GTK+2 is not well supported by gobject introspection, and never will be.
3) PyGTK (the Python bindings for GTK+2) cannot be combined with PyGI.

In practice this means, one can only use GEGL from Python in programs
which does not use GTK+2 (GTK+3 is fine). Is this a problem for GIMP
2.10 (do Python plugins run in-process)?
These are my experiences from experimenting with using GEGL in
MyPaint, and working on GEGL-GTK.

Jon Nordby -

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