Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

On 01/14/2014 11:48 PM, Burnie West wrote:
As Peter pointed out - what do you type in on Mint/Cinnamon if you happen to speak Chinese?

On 01/14/2014 01:43 PM, Chris Mohler wrote:
And yet the desktop menu in Mint/Cinnamon does precisely this and it
*is*  fast.  I type "Win-key,c,h,r,Enter" and have Chromium running.
Easy.  Faster than the menu navigation.  I go without clicking an item
in the system menu for weeks at a time, on a desktop I use daily.

I don't think it is applicable here because you can be pretty much mouse-less on a desktop so that you can type everything with two hands.

In Gimp you have only one hand (the other one is on the mouse/tablet). Either you lose time going back and forth between mouse and keyboard to use both hands on the keyboard, or your non-mouse hand goes in hunt-and-peck mode on the keyboard half it is not accustomed to.

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