Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature

El jue, 16-01-2014 a las 14:29 +1300, Jehan Pagès escribió:

Well that's the same but inside GIMP for internal commands. You want a
blur command?  You type "blur", and it will propose all the various
filters, like "gaussian blur".

This is such a common feature, and useful as hell!

I think a search command would be useful for filters indeed.
I can understand that less used filters grouped in categories are
sometimes quite difficult to find, but that shouldn't be the case for
the rest of the tools.

So, if the proposal is to improve the filters dialog, adding a search
function and some other useful features (I think Peter mentioned a
better method for accessing frequently used filters, for instance), I'm
all for it.

But a search tool for every function in GIMP seems a terrible idea.
You should learn to use the program, the tools should be arranged in a
way it's useful and easy to reach/discover.
And they are. I think GIMP UI has a decent distribution of commands in
its menus and a search function there would be completely unnecesary. I
use GIMP daily and I don't think I remember a single time I coudn't
remember where to find a command.

Filters are a different thing, as they co-exist with plugins and addon
scripts, under group names that aren't always so obvious, and under a
menu that can become quite large.
I'd definitely a search function for filters, but not for the rest of
the program. It seems silly. The menus make sense, the keyboard
shortcuts are there.


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