[Gimp-developer] Hello GIMP developers, I am a student who is willing to join GSoC 2014

Hello GIMP developers,

     My name is Robroo Somkiadcharoen. I am Thai and currently studying in
Computer engineering major at Mahidol University International College as a
second year student. I use Java as my primary language and C as a
secondary. I have tried and used GIMP for many times when I'm on UNIX
systems and It was wonderful. However, I am willing to participate in GSoC
2014 for the first time. I would like to find out whether I am eligible for
the program or not. Would you please suggest me recommended project ideas
at my level to work with GIMP.

Robroo Somkiadcharoen

PS. I'm not sure about how my message got eaten maybe because of a smiley
emoticon from Gmail app on Android. I am sorry for inconvenience.

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