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On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 9:53 AM, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:

I appreciate that you want to mediate to make things go forward.

Srihari has brought up this topic often and informed about
the progress. Many people, including Peter, joined the
discussion and the purpose was already discussed.
So, many things are not really new.

as things stand right now, the biggest thing that is wrong
with TITo is that there seems to be no underlying purpose.
lacking this it is a rather jumbled combination of features,
which exactly expresses this purposelessness.

if the purpose of TITo is so clear, then tell me what it is,
including a few words why it is valuable for GIMP users.

(anybody can contribute to this, it is just that
Srihari and Jehan have to the final say on this definition,
that is the right they earned by putting in the bulk of the
code contribution)

Well I did already answer this. The "action search" tool is a...
search tool. This allows to search for and run commands in a natural
way (with natural language text). This is none of the 2 other
hypothesis you thought.

As for use cases, most other people in this thread exposed their own
experience with searching tools, plugins and filters in GIMP. There is
not much to add. I am the same, I always search various tools, which I
know exist but can't find anymore. And I use this exact same feature
daily, as said earlier, to search programs in my desktop OS
(apparently I read there is even the same feature in Windows start
menu too), or in Firefox. And that's damn useful.

Moreover this tool really does not go in the way of anyone. If you
don't want to use it, it won't bother the user. It won't change a
thing and you could go for years without ever running it and have the
exact same experience as now. But for anyone who likes text search
(which is really the way many UIs go since the appearance of web
search engines), this can be a very nice tool. So I really don't see
why you would block the feature to go forward.


I give you an example, so you know what I am asking for:

‘the Undo system is valuable to GIMP users because it
allows them to proceed without fear (of doing something wrong).’

you see I defined Undo not by its functionality, but
by what it means to users.

people have already asked me: ‘just say what should be changed
about TITo.’

I can tell you, once I know what it should be.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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