[Gimp-developer] Google Summer of Code 2014


looking at the [timeline] the Google Summer of Code (GSoC)
2014 starts in a week on 03.02.2014. GIMP has often
participated in the last years and had a lot of ambitious

Some thoughts pop up to my mind:

1) Do we want to participate this year, again?

2) If yes, which programming tasks do we want to offer?

In my opinion, we should stick with the GEGL/OpenCL ports and
integration of the results of former GSoC projects.
Yes, it might sound boring, but on the other hand the GEGL
and OpenCL ports have been our high priority for many years
and there's still something to do, see the [GEGL Porting Matrix].
Unfortunately former GSoC contributions haven't made it into
the code yet and we would do not only us a big favour
if the work got finished.

3) Who is willing and capable to mentor and organize (did I forget
a task)? Perhaps we should distribute the workload on more
shoulders this year?

Speaking for myself I would be overallocated with mentoring, but I
think I can do some lightweight supporting jobs i.e. preparing the
wiki like in 2013 or answering students questions. Especially the
latter could also give us some hints on what new developers need
to get started, so the results would last longer than a summer.

4) What can we learn from the former GSoCs: what have we done
well, what could be improved?

Kind regards,



[GEGL Porting Matrix]:

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