[Gimp-developer] Research for Extended Project Qualification



I am a 16 year old student, currently studying Art, Psychology, Religious Studies, English 
language/literature and Extended Project Qualification at Westcliff High School for Girls. For the Extended 
Project qualification I am carrying out extensive research into the following question: 


"Has the recent increase in the availability of photo-editing software influenced the usage of filters in 
lens based media between the years 1820-2013?" 


To carry out my research I am using my Nikon L1200 to take pictures and edit them, however I would be very 
grateful if you would be able to give me a rough estimate of the number of downloads made on your software 
within those periods. If you could also state how the increase of other software programs has affected your 
sales (if at all) it would be greatly appreciated. 


Hope to hear from you soon, 

Leah Masters 

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