Re: [Gimp-developer] Search Action dialog feature


now that I i see the discussion has started and
have to see how it ends with frustration let me contribute my 2c, too.

As far as I could reproduce the former discussions the whole topic
started at the GIMP developer mailing list in February 2012.
For instance see the history at

Srihari has brought up this topic often and informed about
the progress. Many people, including Peter, joined the
discussion and the purpose was already discussed.
So, many things are not really new.

I understand both sides: Srihari who wants to contribute
a thing he (and others) find very useful. I also understand Peter,
who wants to make the best UI solution out of it and thus
contributes his evaluation.
Earning respect for each ones work isn't demanded too much.

Can we agree to continue with the last state that was
discussed here earlier and not step back to things that
were already discussed? This would bring us forward.
If somebody wants to test it him/herself out, you find
a binary build at our Jenkins download page:
The build is in the line 'GIMP menu search'. Please make
sure to also install the babl master and GEGL master
builds. It is all built for Linux/64-bit platforms.

Also (from own painful experiences), please note that
purely textual conversations can't transport all the
little human things you remark when speaking to each other
face-to-face. Thus plain words can easily be misunderstood.
So let's keep this in mind and finish the topic fairly and
with respect to each other.

Kind regards,


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