Re: [Gimp-developer] Need help for gegl translation

Thank you for your explanations.

But I still have difficulty with 2 of the strings:
>4- "wrapping dcraw with pipes"
>Does that mean that "dcraw" is kept out?
It means that DCRaw is used to open RAW pictures from digital cameras.

Yes, Dcraw is usually used to open raw files. But in the complete string (with poor ponctuation):

#: ../operations/workshop/rawbayer-load.c:154
msgid ""
"Raw image loader, wrapping dcraw with pipes, provides the raw bayer grid as grayscale, if the fileformat is .rawbayer it will use this loader instead of the normal dcraw loader, if the fileformat is .rawbayerS it will swap the returned 16bit numbers (the pnm loader is apparently buggy)",

it seems that gegl uses another raw image loader.
So what "wrapping dcraw with pipes" means? That this loader uses dcraw through pipes??

B-"Relative brightness change in stops"
I first understand that a change of brightness happened in stops. This seems weird to me. Is it possible? I rather expect that stops induce changes in brightness.


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