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  • Gnome-Shell - questions and opinions, Nex6
  • Tiled view, Guido =?iso-8859-1?Q?G=FCnther?=
  • Places and Devices, Guido =?iso-8859-1?Q?G=FCnther?=
  • GNOME Shell 2.91.4 released, Owen Taylor
  • Mutter 2.91.4 released, Owen Taylor
  • News from the shell, jerome
  • Preview: how to see all workspaces?, Bojan Smojver
  • html rendering in gnome-shell, Thomas Bouffon
  • Move windows broken?, Alessandro Crismani
  • Writing an extension, Alessandro Crismani
  • Making gdmuser fail gracefully, Federico Mena Quintero
  • Gnome-3, First Impressions, Onyeibo Oku
  • Gnome-3, First Impression, Onyeibo Oku
  • Searching for applications, Dylan McCall
  • Future tiling?, Emily Dirsh
  • Aisleriot submenu, Timothy S. Nelson
  • Build Successful but cannot run, Allan E. Registos
  • Gnome Applets, =?utf-8?Q?Erick_P=C3=A9rez_Castellanos?=
  • Creating a launcher?, Stefano Facchini
  • Multiple Monitors, Infinite Edge, David J Wiebe
  • Taking Advantage of Spatial Memory with the GS Window Picker, Allan Caeg
  • don't understand file_get_contents, Jean-Baptiste Bourgoin
  • you can check in, but you can never leave - bug?, Adam Williamson
  • Minimized windows and application menu, Bojan Smojver
  • Workspaces sidebar, Massimo Tisi
  • new layout branch, kaddy080
  • notifications (window hints), Adam Williamson
  • Re: New design- can't get to Nautilus without some work., Giovanni Campagna
  • Re: The Future of Window Borders, Menu Bars, and More, Allan Caeg
  • Appearance Of Switching To A Window On Another Workspace on GNOME Shell, Allan Caeg
  • Re: Sujestion, Jean-Peer Lorenz
  • Re: Suggestion: Make a dock from application icons in overview, appi2012 gmail com

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