Re: Suggestion: Make a dock from application icons in overview

Le vendredi 03 décembre 2010 à 12:32 +0100, Stefano Facchini a écrit :
> > I, for myself, think that having a fast performing expose (I'm sure it
> > will come) would reduce the need for docks or taskbars
> I can't agree, it's not only a matter of speed. The exposé is visually
> very complex, many people hate it just because of this complexity. For
> me, the best solution is always to let people choose it they need to
> look at their windows or just have a visually-simple list of icons for
> the running applications.
I can guarantee you that speed and smoothness of the zoom out effect
really makes a difference. In the current git version, the Shell has a
much better performance than in versions from a few weeks ago, and it
really changes the way you use the overview.

At least, if it doesn't solve all issues, it's worth a try.

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