Minimized windows and application menu

Just wanted to follow up on a story of minimized windows in gnome-shell
(tried 2.31.5-7.fc14 from Fedora). Is there going to be a place on the
screen (not on the preview screen) where minimized windows go? As a
user, I was completely confused with the minimized windows disappearing
from the screen altogether, without any obvious way to get them back.

Also, I read in the cheat sheet that:

"The panel has the Activities button for switching to the overview, the
name of the focused application (which will provide the application menu
in the future), the current date, the notification icons, and the button
with the user name that activates the user menu."

Are you guys seriously considering moving application menu up the top,
Mac style? I certainly hope not. This would be such a backward step.
Please tell me it isn't so... :-(

PS. Thanks in advance for your answers. Just a plain old user here, so
go easy.


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