Re: Writing an extension

Hi Alessandro !
Sorry I didn't answer to the last e-mail but i'm stuck on 2.31


I would like to ask if it is possible to perform an action ONLY on the
new window that is opened, something like (this is a theoretical guess,
hope you get the point):


That's strange, I thought I solved this. Maybe it was after I sent the e-mail. Basically I create an array with the windows id and set a boolean to true if they've already been managed. I'll send the source asap, i.e tomorrow morning.

Furthermore, I'd like to ask if there is a way to know how many
workspaces are open when the new window is created, so I do not have to
cycle as done in the extension, which goes like

for ( let j = global.screen.n_workspaces; j <=
workspace_where_i_want_to_open_app ; j++ ) {
The loop is just here to open new workspaces, if there are not enough.
Finally, is there any documentation listing objects and methods for
things like global, get_window_actors, etc. or do I have to rely on
Looking Glass?
It looks like I didn't communicate enough on my work, my bad. Which leads to a question : will there be some kind of extension repository/tracker, so that extensions can be shared/worked on more easily in the community ? We can create webpages for our extensions, but a central repo would  be a plus !
Last question, which of this list or _javascript_-list is better for technically discussing gnome-shell extensions ?

Have a nice Sunday,


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