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  • rep-gtk updated, Christopher Bratusek
  • Asking for permission to work on rep-gtk, Janek Kozicki
  • Enter-Click Focus Mode && Focus window without raise, Janek Kozicki
  • Window prop list & prop del && Focus policy improvement, Janek Kozicki
  • GNOME-Session 2.23 and Capplet, Christopher Bratusek
  • Themer moved from trunk to sawfish-themer branch, Christopher Bratusek
  • very basic script broken?, Joseph Garvin
  • Some stuff to dicsuss about, Christopher Bratusek
  • Dual-head with one head rotated?, Omen Wild
  • quadrants, Daniel M German
  • frames, Daniel M German
  • Alpha backgrounds patch (again), Janek Kozicki
  • patch testing, Janek Kozicki
  • Re: Doubt about commiting a small change, Janek Kozicki
  • Release 1.3.4 coming in one/two weeks! SVN access for YOU. Decisions, decisions!, Janek Kozicki
  • Patch to improve x-cycle, Daniel M German
  • No caption in title bar, Vassilios Kotoulas
  • XDG basedir spec for configuration files?, Fernando
  • Updatind core .jl files, Daniel M German
  • window list snapshot?, Scott Scriven
  • Another module: cycle through classes, Daniel M German
  • after-rotate.jl version 0.1, Daniel M German
  • My test grid layout monstrosity (in case anyone else is interested), Pat Regan
  • Remaximazing all windows?, Daniel M German
  • new tab theme: get-S-tabbed, Scott Scriven
  • Problems getting menus to work, Mike Hokenson
  • Emacs key chain shortcuts using menus?, Fernando
  • Re: sawfish development tools, Scott Scriven

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