Re: Updatind core .jl files

Hi Andrea,

> But what if the user has decided to not display wininfo?

I have updated the patch. If the user does not want to display wininfo and
the user does not want to momentarily switch workspaces, and the window
being switched to is in another workspace, then the wininfo is
displayed  (I hope
I made myself clear here).

> Ok, but it doesn't work here (could I've messed something myself):
> workspace name isn't displayed by display-wininfo, and if I disable
> your cycle-switch-workspaces var it breaks cycle-show-window-names, as
> it always shows windows info.

Mmm, I use the first value returned by (car (window-workspaces w)). Some windows
have no such property (the root of Nautilus returns ()). In this case I don't
display any workspace info. I don't name my workspaces, I only use their
default numbers. Perhaps this is the problem?


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