Re: Updatind core .jl files

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 8:49 AM, Daniel M German <dmg uvic ca> wrote:
> Hi Andrea,
>  Andrea> You mean "only cycling the windows on the current workspace"? Isn't
>  Andrea> the "cycle-all-workspaces" variable what you are looking for?
> No. cycle-all-workspaces includes all windows in the cycling.
> When cycle-all-workspaces is not nil, sawfish switches (momentarily)
> to the workspace of the window being cycled.
> What I want is not to momentarily switch workspaces (this can be
> configured via a variable), but still being able to switch to a window
> in another workspace. This is not currently supported.

But what if the user has decided to not display wininfo?

> See my patch. I have updated x-cycle.jl to optionally display the
> workspace where the window is currently displayed when it is not the
> current workspace. And created a variable to decide if one wants to
> momentarily display the workspace where the window lives.

Ok, but it doesn't work here (could I've messed something myself):
workspace name isn't displayed by display-wininfo, and if I disable
your cycle-switch-workspaces var it breaks cycle-show-window-names, as
it always shows windows info.


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