Re: patch testing

* Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> I updated all submitted patches with the "patch testing 
> instructions". Now it should be simpler for you to test a 
> patch.
> And if you test a patch, and you had to do anything else than 
> listed in the instructions  - please update those instructions! 
> You can for example add distribution specific instructions as 
> subitems.

I was just working on something related...  a sandbox.  It's not 
actually ready to use yet, but it will probably help eventually.

I want to test new things in sawfish, but I usually have a lot of 
programs running.  So, I don't want to log out, or even run 
experimental code in my regular sawfish instance.  And I'd prefer 
not to mess with my stable sawfish config while trying new ideas.

So, I run sawfish in a nested X11 server, with a different set of 
config files.  And preferably, I'll even be running a different 
sawfish binary with a different set of lisp files.

I guess I'm just looking for the best approach.  I've had a bit 
of difficulty getting sawfish to ignore ~/.sawfish/ and use 
~/ instead, and I expect similar difficulties with 
/usr vs /usr/local (or ~/sawfish/usr) while using custom builds.

Anyway, I hope to provide a howto and some scripts for running 
sawfish in a sandbox for easier testing.

-- Scott

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