Re: Release 1.3.4 coming in one/two weeks! SVN access for YOU. Decisions, decisions!

* Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> 3. Decisions, decisions! PLEASE VOTE!

Hopefully it's alright if I arbitrarily decide to use approval 
voting instead of single-vote.  :)

>   revision system:

I'd suggest sticking with svn for now, and revisiting this later.  
With svn, we can each use whatever add-on we like (git-svn, 
bzr-svn, etc) until things are more clear.  I'm curious what will 
happen with gnome's transition to DVCS.

As for an actual vote, I'd approve of bzr or git long-term.

>   server:

Well, you know I'd like to consolidate onto launchpad.  :)
It puts pretty much everything except a wiki in one place.

Change is disruptive, though.  So, I'd approve of either 
launchpad or "no change".

If makes the switch to DVCS but doesn't change other 
policies (like commit access, etc), launchpad might be a little 
easier.  That way, at least, we wouldn't have to ask anyone to 
make project admin changes.

-- Scott

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