Re: Doubt about commiting a small change


I'm sending my reply to your email to the mailing list, because
I feel that keeping the process transparent is the best way to go.

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Wed, 23 Jul 2008 01:54:55 +0200)

> Hi
> I have been following the patches and I think there is one worth
> commiting after the suggested changes (add some menu access keys) and
> use it as "test" commit. Others are OK too, but this one plus the
> xterm hardcoding for info docs are the best candidates, 

Ok, so please commit those. And change their category in wiki :)
[[Category:Accepted patches]]
[[Category:Accepted for 1.3.4]]

> the others could be commited by owners if they finally get accounts
> (ie, Timo) or I would like to see one or two votes more.

I'll test them myself, and you could too. I tried pushing them to
make an account (see mailing list) but they didn't bother. We'll see.

I have plans to accept more patches than less, because if someone
sees his patch accepted - he will feel responsible for any bugs
created by it. This will make him respond quickly if there is a
problem with the patch. It's a nice reward for someone's work and so
he will be more likely to do more.

So let's just say that 1.3.4 is "experimental" to get more patch
testers. And soon after (like 2 or 3 months) we will make a 1.3.5
release with bugfixes - that either removes bad patches or fixes
problems with them. I believe that otherwise we won't move forward,
as patches will be waiting forever.

Every patch applied is well documented on wiki, so unapplying it for
1.3.5 release should be very straightforward. (but I hope that it
will be a bugfix submitted by patch author rather than unapply ;)

> But I have a doubt: is trunk/lisp/Changelog deprecated? I see your
> releases used trunk/Changelog for all messages. Or you just did not
> know about it? If so, I can move the text from one to the other too.

Oops, yeah I didn't notice Changelog files in all those directories.

But in fact I think that having one Changelog is more convenient
because when writing the release notes I can simply copy/paste the
latest entry from the Changelog. If it was scattered on multiple
files it would take more time to look through all the files and
copy/paste the changes. So perhaps it's better to put a note in all
those other Changelogs that they are deprecated?

best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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