Re: Organizing sawfish SVN tree, working together.

* Timo Korvola <Timo Korvola iki fi> wrote:
> * Scott Scriven said:
> > Contrib code which isn't very mature? 
> We should only include stuff we are willing to maintain.

We can include things in svn which aren't part of the release 
tarballs.  Everything in the release should be maintained, 

I'd like to allow more user-contributed pieces in a central 
location, but we shouldn't be maintaining the individual pieces.  
I don't know where exactly to put this stuff, but an area for 
explicitly unsupported extras would be nice.

> If it ships with Sawfish, users expect it to work

Is there any existing way to do unit testing with rep?  And, 
given sawfish's visual / interactive nature, is that even 
feasible?  It would help new contributors avoid breaking things.

-- Scott

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