Re: My test grid layout monstrosity

* Pat Regan <thehead patshead com> wrote:
> For now, I used S-H-M for the modifiers (for me that's 
> Control-WindowsKey-Alt).

The only bindings I've got so many modifiers on are music 
control.  C-M-S plus Left/Right to go to the previous/next song,
Up/Down to change volume, and Tab to toggle pause.

> I assume since you have no number pad that you're also on a 
> laptop.  I'm going to assume with a 17 inch screen?

Sometimes.  Lately, I've been using a 24" 1920x1200 LCD and a 12" 
1280x800 notebook.  They're 94dpi and 125dpi.  Before that, I was 
often on a 1024x768 notebook.  Here's a shot from just before I 
retired it:

And FWIW, this is my current desktop:

It shows the communications desktop on my notebook.

> As long as we're posting screenshots, ...

Thanks.  I always like to see how other people work.

> I'm set up with old school numbered workspaces.  M-number to 
> switch workspace, H-number to move a window

I could never get the hang of that, for two reasons...  I guess 
I'm spatially-oriented, so I can easily remember where something 
is but not what number it is.  And I tend to have more than 10 
desktops...  a minimum of 12, but sometimes more than 30.  There 
just aren't enough number keys.

> Sawfish is easily and by far the most versatile window manager 
> out there.  It is unfortunate that the pool of talent that can 
> work on it is so small.

I've gotten pretty spoiled by syntactic sugar.  Most of what I 
found was that things I normally do in half a line would take 
several lines, because lisp tends toward writing out the parse 
tree instead of using syntactic shortcuts.  ...  And, I suppose, 
because I'm accustomed to a language where almost everything is a 
hash table, and most things in lisp are lists.

> I loaded up your tabbing code a long time ago.  I switched the 
> theme up from green to darkish blue color.

I like the blue.

> When I tried to use it heavily I recall it having some odd 
> behavior.

Yes, it's not exactly mature code.  I got it working just barely 
well enough for my own use, and stopped.  Producing working rep 
code was a very slow trial-and-error process for me and I 
couldn't justify a lot of time to work on it.

> I'd very likely start using it a bunch if I had set up proper 
> key bindings for it.

The only bindings I have for it are:

  C-Tab, M-Tab: raise tab to the left/right of current.
  H-g: put window into a tab group
    (press once to grab, move the mouse, then press it again to 
    drop it into a group)

I'd like to have a mousey grab-and-drop for tabs, but mostly just 
while showing people how it works.  The concept is a lot more 
obvious when windows move gradually instead of teleporting.

> The better though, at least for my purposes, would be to 
> auto-tabbify windows that I push to a particular quadrant/size.

That would be pretty cool.

I have no idea how to maintain the data structures for that in 
rep, though.  :(

-- Scott

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