Re: Some stuff to dicsuss about

Christopher Bratusek said:     (by the date of Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:25:53 +0200)

> First I wanted to ask if you (Janek) have also write-access to the
> rep-gtk repository.

Hi, I just did 

  svn checkout svn+ssh://jkozicki svn gnome org/svn/rep-gtk/trunk

and it worked. I didn't commit anything, but svn+ssh is supposed to
give write access.

> A)
> Because I would like to clean-up it. (Removing unused variables and so
> on) 

that's a good idea, if you can.
> That's all my C skills allow me to do to rep-gtk - but perhaps a good
> starting point if we release
> a cleaned-up rep-gtk 0.18.1 together (or a few days later) with
> sawfish. 
> But we really need someone who takes care of it.

yeah, I just hope that someday John Harper won't come complaining for
taking care of it. Perhaps I should ask him for permission first?
His last commit is pretty "recent" - only 2 years ago.....

> B)
> rep-glade has not been ported to glade2 that means, that the themer is
> unusable. So what about
> removing it from trunk - but storing it in an extra branch (eg:
> sawfish-themer). There's no need to ship dead stuff.

yeah - please do that yourself - that can be your first 'test' commit,
to try this :) This is a modification that does not affect sawfish by
itself, so no need to post a patch on wiki page first.

> Another reason, why we need a maintainer for rep-gtk.
> C)
> there are some changes in GNOME-Session 2.23 therefore we need to
> provide a desktop file. If we users can change the
> following gconf-keys and replace metacity with sawfish to have it as
> default WM:
> /desktop/gnome/session/required-components/windowmanager
> /desktop/gnome/session/default-session
> Perhaps that desktop file allows us that sawfish-ui can be run from the
> window-manager props.
> I'll investigate that and provide a patch that will add the desktop
> file.

that would be great.

To keep things clean - all patches that affect sawfish should be
listed on the wiki. If they are more complicated - few commits - then
instead of a copy/paste of the `diff` it should be an instruction on
how to fetch the diff from somewhere to apply/unapply it.

> D)
> The Capplet might be replaced with the solution from C). If C) does not
> work replace the capplet 
> with a desktop file for running sawfish-ui inside of gnomecc.
> Either way the Capplet is not working on recent version of GNOME anymore
> - so it might also be removed from trunk.

in fact I'm not using GNOME (I'm on rox) so I don't know about
capplet. If you make a patch - I hope that someone else who uses
GNOME will be able to test it. Or I will try to run GNOME and see how
it works.

best regards
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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