Another module: cycle through classes

i am a big fan of the way OS-X uses Alt-Tab to switch from one app to
another rather than from one window to another.

For that reason I wrote a simple module: cycle-per-class.jl

;; This module provides a way to cycle through classes, one window at a time
;; in a manner similar to OS X.
;; - You would usually want to bind dmg-cycle-classes and
;;   dmg-cycle-classes-backwards to TAB and Shift-TAB
;; - Then bind Alt-' to cycle-class
;; - classes that only have only cycle-skip windows are skipped
;; - See sawfish.wm.commands.x-cycle for configuration information (do you want to include all 
;;   workspaces or not? do you want to display the window or not? do you want to include 
;;   all heads?
;; - The magic of x-cycle orders the list of classes by the most recently used.
;; - dmg-cycle-classes (dmg-cycle-classes-backwards) visit, for each class, the window higher in the 
;;   stacking order

Bind  dmg-cycle-classes and dmg-cycle-classes to some keys and enjoy it.

You can download it from:

Daniel M. German         
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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