very basic script broken?

I have a ~/.sawfish/rc file that only contains this:

(require 'sawmill-defaults)
(require 'jump-or-exec)

(bind-keys global-keymap
  "H-f" `(jump-or-exec "Firefox"
      ,(lambda ()
          "firefox &"))
      ,(lambda (wind)
         (display-window wind))))

But when I press windows key + F nothing happens. I opened sawfish-ui and tried binding something by pressing the windows key and f and sure enough the string it used was "H-f" so know that part is right. I don't get any console errors, and jump-or-exec.jl is in ~/.sawfish. I've also tried executing the bind-keys sexp from within emacs while sawfish was running, but I still get no errors and it still doesn't work. Any ideas? How do you debug sawfish scripts?

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