Re: sawfish development tools

* Janek Kozicki <janek_listy wp pl> wrote:
> OTOH: are sure sure that we should add launchpad to the stack? 
> We already have, and - wouldn't it 
> introduce more uncertainty about where the sawfish is really 
> hosted?

Yes, I've been thinking about this...  this is all hypothetical, 
but let's consider the idea of a full-scale migration.  I'll list 
sawfish resources (as I understand them) as they are now, and as 
they would be after a complete migration.

The short version is...  the number of sites involved in the 
project could be reduced, and overall concepts and processes 
would be pretty similar.  Launchpad includes everything except 
IRC and a wiki.  (I hear both are actually being worked on...  a 
web gateway to freenode, and project wikis)

Current sawfish project sites:
    - project summary
    - feature requests
    - help forum (last post 2008-01)
    - open discussion forum (last post 2007-02)
    - release tarballs
    - main project site
    - news
    - general documentation
    - todo list / milestones
    - patch queue / code reviews / voting
    - script / add-on / plugin repository
    - theme repository
    - mailing list
    - code repository and browser
    - bug tracker

  freenode:  IRC

Sawfish project sites after moving to launchpad:
    - project summary
    - bug tracker / feature requests
    - questions and answers (user support forum), FAQ
    - todo list / milestones / blueprints
    - news / rss
    - release tarballs
    - code repository and browser
      - script / add-on / plugin repository (in a code branch or subdir)
    - patch queue / merge requests / code review / voting / merge bot
    - packaging for distros
    - mailing list?  (optional; these are hard to move)
    - translations? (if desired)
    - main project site
    - general documentation
    - theme repository  mailing list?

  freenode:  IRC

The general process for code changes would be similar to 
sawfish's current process, but with different sites and tools...

  - Copy lp:sawfish to a local branch.
  - Make and commit changes as desired.
  - Publish your branch to lp:~myuser/sawfish/mybranchname .
  - File a merge request.
  - Sawfish team members review the changes, and vote on it.  If 
    discussion is needed, it can happen on launchpad or the 
    mailing list.
  - When enough votes are received, the branch gets merged to 
    trunk (manually or by a bot), or rejected.

So, any thoughts or questions?

I'm trying to make the idea clear, and I'm wondering two things:  
Does this make sense?  And, how would it affect you?

-- Scott

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