Emacs key chain shortcuts using menus?

Hi there!

I just happened to get a laptop and started to use the keyboard much more massively.
I sometimes use different windows managers and, in some of them, I got used to just do Alt-Space (to popup the window menu) and then hit "c" to close, "x" to maximize, "n" to minimize, "m" to move the window using the keyboard, etc.

Once you get used to this chained shortcuts they can be done fast, and the menu allows you to do many things using the same first shortcut and actually see what key you need to hit in case you don't remember it.

Also, this has a very similar behavior to the Emacs "key chain shortcuts", which I really love. And I really think that Sawfish should benefit of this. In fact I think sawfish should emphatize the use of this, since I think Lisp can really make the most of this feature (as the menus can be dynamically generated) and it is the language used for Emacs (I'm sure there are many Emacs users here).

However.. I found that Sawfish is not very good at achieving this...  it is one of the few WMs that I know that don't have proper keyboard support for most menu items.
I have a few suggestions to improve usability

Make "Minimize" and "Maximize" have a "_" (key assigned) character in the menu, currently this menu items don't have any key assigned and I think they are essential. But in fact, there are some other menu items lacking it.
Also, in my opinion, if the "_" asigned character should be *bold* in addition of being underlined, the visibility will be much more improved (sometimes the char is not so clear, or not so easy to the eye) it will help to easily see the shortcut with just a quick look.

There should also be some more options available in the menu... I know there are plenty already (I really like sawfish for this) but there are still some important actions that  can be done with the windows but are not shown in the menu. "Resi_ze" and "_Move" are a clear example of this. It would be also convenient to have "Toggle _Fullscreen"

I did modified myself the "Ma_ximize/Unma_ximize" and "Mi_nimize" menu items for keyboard support, but I was not able to have "Resi_ze" and  "_Move" after adding this to the menu
      (, (_ "Mo_ve") move-window-interactively)
      (, (_ "Resi_ze") resize-window-interactively)
Do you know why?

Thank you so much! ^^
and sorry for my english

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