Re: Alpha backgrounds patch (again)

Janek Kozicki wrote:
Hello (Philip Langdale mostly)

I'll test it once again, the test case that I imagine is following:

1. pick a frame theme which has irregular (non-rectangular) shape
2. make the window semi transparent (xcompmgr)
3. move the window around
4. see if the pixels that should be really transparent for that frame
   theme are really transparent.

Philip - is that what you intended?

No. The problem I was fixing is that when you have a true transparent
application, it uses an ARGB visual. Then the frame would inherit that
visual and the gdk_pixbuf_xlib routines used to paint the frame would
clobber the Alpha bits to 00 - making the frame elements transparent.

I just tried 1.3.3 and the problem did not appear - so it seems like
something somewhere else has fixed it. Good news, I think :-)


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