Re: My test grid layout monstrosity (in case anyone else is interested)

 Pat Regan twisted the bytes to say:

 >>> I started to try to write the whole thing in lisp, but I 
 >>> haven't the foggiest idea how to properly set up an access any 
 >>> kind of complex data structure.
 >> This has been my biggest obstacle too.  If sawfish was written 
 >> in, say, Python, I would have a much easier time making changes 
 >> and extensions.  Or even common lisp -- I don't have a lot of 
 >> experience with it yet, but it has a lot bigger community and 
 >> better documentation than rep.

 Pat> I bet I spent better than 10 times longer reading documentation to fail
 Pat> to learn the right way to build and access a complex data structure in
 Pat> lisp than it took me to hobble this contraption together.

 Pat> Sawfish is easily and by far the most versatile window manager out
 Pat> there.  It is unfortunate that the pool of talent that can work on it is
 Pat> so small.

I fully agree. It took me a long time to start understanding data
structures in lisp and reading sawfish lisp source to be able to hack
a simple script. Hopefully we are getting better ;)


Daniel M. German         
dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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