Organizing sawfish SVN tree, working together. (was: Re: Release 1.3.4 com...)

Scott Scriven said:     (by the date of Sun, 27 Jul 2008 15:43:04 -0600)

Hi Scott, 

Sorry for a delay in my answer.

> > 2. SVN access for YOU, write access to repository:
> Done, finally.  I've been dragging my feet on the gnome account 
> request.

great, confirmed.

> I'm pondering how to organize code, and how/where to publish it.

you're not the only one :) No hurry (I believe) - better to discuss
various options, and decide on the best one. I hope that others will
join this discussion too.

> For example:

> should testing utilities go into the main repo or 
> into a different one?

maybe the testing could be performed at the compile time, or with
command "make tests" ? That would mean to keep them in the main repo.

> How about themes?

IMHO we could add them here also, there's already a 'theme/'
directory. I hope that Rodrigo will not complain about potential
conflicts with sawfish-themes debian package. At least adding tabbed
themes is a great idea, for me.

What others think?

> Contrib code which isn't very mature? 

I would say "why not?". It only helps making progress. But to avoid
damaging sawfish or introducing bugs - all such code has to be
DISABLED BY DEFAULT. If a user wants to use/test it - he has to enable
it somewhere. 

But I really want to know what others think here, because it's a
sensitive topic.

Things to decide:

1. whether adding them to SVN trunk (being disabled by default) is
allowed without wiki voting process, and only enabling them needs
wiki voting.

2. or: even adding them to SVN tree needs voting.

Maybe to decide here - we would need another voting on the mailing
list? :)

That's democracy - if you don't know what decision to make - vote,
that will move the responsibility for bad decision away from me ;-)

> Misc extras which aren't part of the installed package?

can you provide more example? Being specific, helps resolving issues :)

> I see the screenshotter is in the main repo, along with several 
> themes. 

yes, I've put it there, but the only reason was that - it was just a
*one* thing to add, which I wanted to add. So in general we shouldn't
use this one as a precedent for making future decisions about
organizing stuff. We can move it into some subdirectory/whatever -
along with other stuff. Depending on how we want to do it.

Another voting, anybody? - what would be the voting options? :-)

> So, I'm inclined to make new dirs in the main repo for 
> the things I listed above, instead of keeping them separate.

yeah, if you could be more specific about this - it would be great to
discuss it here.

> For this sort of non-core stuff, should changes still go through 
> the wiki review process, or should it just go in directly?  (I'm 
> thinking, for now, to add testing tools/tips, tab code, and tab 
> themes)

I think that everyone who has SVN access is free to add stuff
(otherwise the SVN access is useless for them all).

But to still keep the wiki review process (which I believe is *VERY*
useful), perhaps all stuff that is added - is disabled by default?
And voting would be about enabling it?

How others do see it? Please join this discussion!

It's great if you add tabs, I hope that Timo (as the person most
skilled in lisp) will be able to help you. In fact you could commit
the code, ask for help here and wait for him to look at the code.

thanks! I see that sawfish is getting more and more lively!
Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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