Some stuff to dicsuss about

Hi all,

First I wanted to ask if you (Janeck) have also write-access to the rep-gtk repository.


Because I would like to clean-up it. (Removing unused variables and so on)

That's all my C skills allow me to do to rep-gtk - but perhaps a good starting point if we release
a cleaned-up rep-gtk 0.18.1 together (or a few days later) with sawfish.

But we really need someone who takes care of it.


rep-glade has not been ported to glade2 that means, that the themer is unusable. So what about
removing it from trunk - but storing it in an extra branch (eg: sawfish-themer). There's no need to ship dead stuff.

Another reason, why we need a maintainer for rep-gtk.


there are some changes in GNOME-Session 2.23 therefore we need to provide a desktop file. If we users can change the
following gconf-keys and replace metacity with sawfish to have it as default WM:


Perhaps that desktop file allows us that sawfish-ui can be run from the window-manager props.

I'll investigate that and provide a patch that will add the desktop file.


The Capplet might be replaced with the solution from C). If C) does not work replace the capplet
with a desktop file for running sawfish-ui inside of gnomecc.

Either way the Capplet is not working on recent version of GNOME anymore - so it might also be removed from trunk.

What do you think?


GNOME/Sawfish rule!

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