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  • accessibility testing, Henrik Nilsen Omma
  • Speech recognition, Henrik Nilsen Omma
  • Hardware Requirement of Gnopernicus, Petra Ritter
  • gnopernicus, Godspeed
  • AccessX + GDM Accessible Login Success, Jason Grieves
  • Magnifier issues, updated, Terrence van Ettinger
  • No speech, and magnifier question, nowindows
  • compiling gnome accessibility, problems with gnome-common, Peter Rayner
  • JSF support by browsers?, Willem van der Walt
  • [Fwd: Java detection in StarOffice 8 and OpenOffice.org 2], Bill Haneman
  • problem with festival, MICHAEL WEAVER
  • gnopernicus 0.10.4 + Firefox 1.0.7 not talking, Jason Grieves
  • How GOK able to get all the contacts in Evolution ?, Nagappan
  • (no subject), Jason Grieves
  • Re: Problems with Fedora Core 4 /test-speech {festival/freeTTS} [BUG], Aditya Pandey
  • registering new festival voices, Chaitanya Kamisetty
  • Drivers supported with gnome-speech/Gnopernicus [Comparison on features?], Aditya Pandey
  • Deskzilla - how is accessibility?, Peter Korn
  • Problems with Fedora Core 4 /test-speech {festival/freeTTS}, Aditya Pandey
  • gnopernicus screen reader error, Jason Grieves
  • few questions, Jason Grieves
  • Orcca, Petra Ritter
  • Solaris 10, questen for Peter Korn, Petra Ritter
  • Anione out there using Mandriva (formerly mandrake)?, Krister Ekstrom
  • Re: how to use gnopernicus?, Jude DaShiell
  • accessibility hooks in the X server, Kenny Hitt
  • Some questions, Bram Duvigneau
  • Re: Slackware 10.1 and Gnopernicus, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diogenes
  • Gnome projekt for Slackware, Petra Ritter
  • Re: Gnome and support for the visually impaired, Thomas Ward

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