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Hi Jason:

I think I understand your writeup a bit better. I still think that it would be nice if we could fold it into the Accessibility Guide somehow - perhaps as an appendix or chapter? Because the Accessibility Guide is a hypertext document, we could use links to lead the reader/user to more detailed discussions of each dialog where this might be useful.

Or should we have a first chapter called "Accessibility Quick Start" or something ?


Jason Grieves wrote:

Hi Bill,

Its great to discuss all of this instead of doing normal boring work :). I think i gave you the wrong impressoin. I listed that just to show that there are quite a few different "pieces" of accessibility in Gnome, that I just didn't feel were connected that well (you pointed out the themes issue) My documentation is about the same as the Gnome Guide (with less detail and not written as well) just organized by disability, rather than by device/application. AccessX is split up brought up twice, once for Toggle Keys (low vision) and once for the rest (mobility).

I agree about the wizard. I look forward to seeing this go from idea to paper, to code :).

Thanks for all of the valuable disucssoin and hard work


Hi Jason:

I think that the right place to put any new documentation or amplification of existing docs is in the Gnome Accessibility Guide. I'd be happy to help integrate your additions and suggestions into the existing Accessibility Guide (which is not Sun-specific, as I am sure you know).

As for the 'wizard', I'd like to see this as one part of a "customization wizard" for the whole desktop. Not only would it help ensure that users who need accessibility features can find them, it would increase the visibility and awareness of these features to other users as well.


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