Re: Drivers supported with gnome-speech/Gnopernicus [Comparison on features?]

Aditya Pandey wrote:


Prior to acquiring some of speech synthesizers, I am trying to find out more on them. Is there a some text available on gnome-speech supported speech synthesizers like their download/purchase links, comparison on features/pricing etc.?

Since we don't want to endorse one driver over another, necessarily, we figure that pointing users to places where drivers can be downloaded or purchased would be enough.

There has been a recent suggestion that the gnome-speech module have its own homepage in the Gnome Accessibility pages, which makes sense to me; we could put this info there.

I know that following speech synthesizers exist, but haven't found yet on more information. I recall Bill saying that Dectalk is the best in usage.

I did not say that. If anything, the best results so far have been with the Theta drivers IMO.


Any offhand comments on features would be appreciated?

Paid ones:

Free ones:

Aditya Kumar Pandey


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