Re: Problems with Fedora Core 4 /test-speech {festival/freeTTS} [BUG]


I have been able to run my festival/gnome-speech combination on a Fedora Core 4. But it does bring me to a CPU hopping and system "stopping" bug in festival-synthesis-driver.

1. How to make it work for festival client/server [in Fedora Core 4]
In the file /usr/share/festival/siteinit.scm, add the following line:
(set! server_access_list '("HOSTNAME_REGULAR_EXPRESSION"))
where HOSTNAME_REGULAR_EXPRESSION is a string identifying your machine's hostname.


2. Error in festival-synthesis-driver
In festival client exists when it is not able to connect to a festival --server, the festival-synthesis-driver should clean up your child processes then not hog CPU and gracefully exit.


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