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Java detection in StarOffice 8 and OpenOffice.org 2

1) Which Java will be used?
StarOffice tries to detect the newest Java version installed.
StarOffice only detects Sun Java versions, while OpenOffice.org also
detects Java versions from other vendors.
When using versions from different vendors, the numbering system might
be different so maybe not the newest version is used.
You can change the Java version in StarOffice via tools/options/Java.
On GNOME, if AT tool support is enabled, StarOffice will use that latest
version where the Java Access Bridge is enabled.

2) When is Java detection done?
On Windows, detection is done the first time Java is used.
On Linux/Solaris, detection is done the first time a user starts StarOffice.

3) How can I reset the Java configuration?
The configuration is stored in
Just delete this file if you want StarOffice to detect again.
The Java configuration file cannot be modified manually. The data format
is not specified an may change anytime without further notice.
Don't try to modify that file to change the Java version. The <location>
and <version> entries are only for 'documentation', the Java version is
accessed via the <vendorData>, which is binary.

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