Re: Magnifier issues, updated

Hi Terrence:

There are currently issues with using the magnifier in "horizontal splitscreen mode", i.e. at the bottom of the screen, as opposed to the left or right hand side. See bugzilla bug 171465 It sounds as if this problem is what you are experiencing. It has been improved, but not fixed entirely, in the most recent gnopernicus version (0.12.0) with a recent gnome-mag. For what it's worth, once I configure horizontal splitscreen mode, exit gnopernicus, and restart, it works OK for me at the moment.

Also, it would help us to know what distro you are using, and what versions of the relevant libraries are installed, when answering questions.
Best regards,


Terrence van Ettinger wrote:

	OK, I figured out what I was doing wrong with setting the
position of the magnifier, but now all I get in the magnifier window is
white space and the cursor.  How do I fix this?

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