Re: Deskzilla - how is accessibility?

Olav Vitters writes:
> I know nothing about accessibility & webpages. What changes need to be
> made to make GNOME bugzilla more accessible? If there are many, please
> list them for, not for
> Is this due to the non-accessible Mozilla?

Let's put the fix in at the proper juncture. You don't want to send Ford
Motors out to fix pot holes.

The problems are in the Bugzilla use of html, imho, pure and simple.
It's even arguable that the problem isn't that Bugzilla forms practice
coding which is intrinsically inaccessible. It is rather that the forms
are so loaded with individual check boxes (instead of drop down lists),
for instance, improperly labeled edit fields, and improperly grouped
(tablized) content that it is next to impossible to know where one is.
In other words, it's more an issue of inaccessibility through excessive
complexity--the death of a thousand cuts.

> I wonder how Deskzilla will work with our customizations.
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> Regards,
> Olav
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