Re: Gnome and support for the visually impaired

Hi Bill,
Here is some user feedback from a user using Gnome, and what I would
like to see access for in htenear and not to distant future. 

1. Support for Mozilla firefox. Firefox has become almost the industry 
leader in web browsers, and it would be the best choice for the Sun Java
and Gnome desktops.

2. Improve support for EEvolution to make it as speech friendly as say
Outlook Express.
For anyone in business Evolution is a very handly tool. One can keep
appointments, keep addressed, asign tasks, and email from one tool. I
would like to see it mature.

3. Improved support for Staroffice and Openoffice.
It is probably safe to say most visually impared Windows users use
Microsoft Office. Word and Excel especially.
I know I have allot of Word and Excel documents, and would love to
completely do all the work in Staroffice or openoffice. However, for
some reason I don't get the same level of access to Opencalc as Excel.
Were I to have that level of access I would likely never touch MS Office
again. Smile.

5. Improve gnucash to make it accessible.
I often have to keep track of my finances by using Quicken and
unfortunately Gnome does not offer an app that accessible.

I feel if these five areas could be met Gnome could be a quite
productive place forpersons with disabilities.

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