No speech, and magnifier question

Hello, all,
	I have a few questions on gnopernicus.  First, I don't seem to
be able to get speech out of it.  I've installed the libgnome-speech3
and libgnome-speech3-dev packages, but am still not getting anything.
Do I need to use an external TTS device, or is there a way to use the
sound card?  How do I specify which to use if this is the case?
	Also, I'd like my magnifier to take up only the very bottom part
of the screen.  But when I type in the positions I'd like it to occupy,
it puts the window on the left side, taking up most of the screen.  I've
checked that I'm entering the right value in the right field, but it
still doesn't work.  Putting in 0 for left, right and bottom positions
should put it flush against those edges, shouldn't it, with a value of
several hundred for the top value putting the top somewhere low on the
screen?  And/or, is there a way to just *move* the edges where I want


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