few questions

Hi Bill (and all),

I am not quite sure if my last emails went through as I had some major email problems. If these are repeats, pardon me.

1) Has an accessibility "options" center been discussed in Gnome before? Similar to what Microsoft has in the control panel, along side with a wizard? I know older and less technical welcome the wizards and configuration assistants. It would not seem to hard to do, but I realize it could provide some discrepencies with non-accessible users. Would there be 2 places to change the same feature? I.e. keyboard accessibility via Preferences> Keyobard versus lets say a tab with the AccessX features

2) Bill does the magnifier need to be recompiled to work with the extensions (i.e. Damage) you spoke of?

3) Does gnopernicus keep an error log somewhere? I can't seem to diagnose some of the errors I am getting in AIX with speech beocming unavaiable out of the blue. Similiarly in Ubuntu it is difficult to diagnose as some packages are missing.

Thanks for the help!

Jason G.

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