RE: Some questions

Hello Bram,
> 1. Where can I find the java-access-bridge and instructions 
> on how to get this thing up and running?
It can be downloaded from or checked out from cvs.   
> 2. Is there a list of currently working keyboard shortcuts 
> for orca and where can I find it?
While in orca if you press insert+f1 you will be placed into keyboard learn
mode.  This will allow you to press keys and hear the orca function if the
key is bound to one.  The primary orca functions are bound to the numpad.
As far as braille display keys they are mapped to the brltty equivalent
where applicable.  This is being done to hopefully make the user experience
between brltty and orca more seamless.  As the project moves further along
we will of course be adding proper documentation.  Please note that orca is
still in a pretty early stage of development so is in no way near feature
Hope this helps
Mike Pedersen  

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