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"Jason Grieves" <jasongrieves hotmail com> writes:


> The debian package of gnopernicus only recommends gnome-mag.  Most new 
> ubuntu/debian users (and I fell for this too) downloaded gonpernicus package 
> and it installed with no problems.  They loaded up gnopernicus, checked 
> "magnifier" and click ok.  Nothing happens.  This leads them to think 
> something is wrong.  Here I used "srcore --enable-magnifier" and noticed 
> gnome-mag was not installed.

What the original poster is trying to say is that the GUI should warn
if the required magnifier components are not available at runtime.  It seems
srcore already detects this, but the GUI does not get the information to
the user.

> I think the startup gui should probe for gnome-mag and Braille.  Currently 
> ubunutu/debian do not support Braille because of a lack of a lib for the 
> brttly package.

So, and here is where I start to get pissed.  Get your facts straight man.
This is flat out wrong.  Debian was the first distribution to support brltty
in gnopernius out of the box.  AFAIR, Ubuntu deliberately broke this
functionality when they copied over my packages.
But that is not debians (or my) fault.


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