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Well I got gonpernicus to talk with Festival on Ubuntu (a small bug in the festival.scm file) and also the magnification to run (including full screen). Once this is done things look great for new users. Ubuntu has a live CD for Accessibility which is pretty good. He is working on an install for Ubuntu that will talk the user through if they request it.

The debian package of gnopernicus only recommends gnome-mag. Most new ubuntu/debian users (and I fell for this too) downloaded gonpernicus package and it installed with no problems. They loaded up gnopernicus, checked "magnifier" and click ok. Nothing happens. This leads them to think something is wrong. Here I used "srcore --enable-magnifier" and noticed gnome-mag was not installed. I then installed the package and away I went.

I think the startup gui should probe for gnome-mag and Braille. Currently ubunutu/debian do not support Braille because of a lack of a lib for the brttly package. This cannot be too difficult since srcore already probes and notices that it cannot be found. If it is grayed out and the same error message is displayed, I think users will then go and download gnome-mag.


Jason Grieves

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