Re: Anione out there using Mandriva (formerly mandrake)?

I use Mandriva Linux for my business I am building, but unfortunately I
do not have any idea of an accessible install as yet.
At least, not one that is easy. I can often do it by using a kickstart
install that has been made for my computer. that is one of the
advantages to Mandriva. Once you have a working kickstart you can
usually use it over to install upgrades, reinstalls, etc.
However, once up and running with some sighted help I can keep it 
running quite well with the Gnome desktop and apps. Especially the Sun
Mozilla, Openoffice, etc.

On Sun, 2005-10-02 at 10:31 +0200, Krister Ekstrom wrote:
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> Hi  gnome-accessibility-list,
>   I'm currently running Debian Sarge but due to some factors, one of
>   them being that i can not use the Sun accessible Mozilla and the
>   other one being that it's hard to get latest versions of apps and
>   such as debian packages i'm thinking of switching to another distro.
>   I think i know the Linux basics and what i want is a distro where
>   it's easy to build from source as well as from packages, that can
>   run Suns accessible Mozilla and that's easy to install/maintain. Is
>   Mandriva a good choise for that? Someone else mentioned SuSe how
>   about that?
>   I know this is a matter of preference and i don't want to start a
>   flame war over distros, so please feel free to contact me off-list
>   at mailto:crisekstrom bredband net with your
>   answers/suggestions/hints. Btw, is there a talking installation of
>   Mandriva somewhere? I have heard that there's Braille support, but
>   how about speech?
>   Thanks in advance.
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