Anione out there using Mandriva (formerly mandrake)?

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Hi  gnome-accessibility-list,

  I'm currently running Debian Sarge but due to some factors, one of
  them being that i can not use the Sun accessible Mozilla and the
  other one being that it's hard to get latest versions of apps and
  such as debian packages i'm thinking of switching to another distro.
  I think i know the Linux basics and what i want is a distro where
  it's easy to build from source as well as from packages, that can
  run Suns accessible Mozilla and that's easy to install/maintain. Is
  Mandriva a good choise for that? Someone else mentioned SuSe how
  about that?
  I know this is a matter of preference and i don't want to start a
  flame war over distros, so please feel free to contact me off-list
  at mailto:crisekstrom bredband net with your
  answers/suggestions/hints. Btw, is there a talking installation of
  Mandriva somewhere? I have heard that there's Braille support, but
  how about speech?
  Thanks in advance.

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