Re: No speech, and magnifier question

Hi Terrence,

FreeTTS and Festival are two different, though related, TTS engines. The Festival configuration requires permissions to be set in the /etc/festival.scm file to be used in client-server mode. FreeTTS is a port/rewrite of Festival-light (aka Flite) to Java. It requires a 1.4 compatible Java runtime.

Run the program 'test-speech' to find out what TTS engines are installed with gnome-speech drivers configured properly for them. This is a useful debugging step when you have trouble getting Gnopernicus to talk. If you can't get speech via test-speech, then the problem is upstream of your screen reader.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Terrence van Ettinger wrote:
Hi, Bill,
	I did respond in another message with my distro information, but
it doesn't seem to have reached the list.  I'm running Debian Sarge on
an eMachines 433mhz PC.  The thing has 2 hard drives, and the other hard
drive is running Oralux.  I looked for an option to use Festival as my
driver, but it doesn't show up, even though I've installed it with
aptitude.  So does Festival work *through* freetts?  I looked for a
	freetts package from Debian, but they don't seem to have one.
	Is that something I have to get separately?  I read several of
	the messages, but was still kind of confused by them.


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